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Our Infrastructure

Preet Machines Limited employees over 750 people comprising of skilled labor and engineers led by a proficient management. This winsome combination of expertise and resources has made the company an ideal turnkey solution provider to the heavy engineering industry. It has a huge manufacturing setup spread over 350,000 sq ft of covered area.

The entire production is organized under four individual manufacturing units equipped with modern machines for Engineering, Fabrication, Gearing and Assembly operations. All the units deploy streamlined process systems that adhere to global standards of highest quality and safety. The machining division has more than 465 heavy and light machine tools capable of manufacturing bulk products with precision.

This includes latest CNC controlled machining centers like Vertical Turning Lathes (VTL) as well as conventional setup comprising of over 98 lathe machines (max size 2000 mm diameter X 15,000 mm long) and drilling machines. Apart from this, the division has more than 53 Horizontal Boring Machines (90mm - 200mm spindle max travel 12meters), 19 Vertical Boring Machines (800mm diameter- 4500mm dia). The well equipped Gearing section has more than 76 Gear Hobbing Machines (150mm dia to 4500mm, 32 modules) and Gear Grinding machines up to maximum dia of 1500 mm with 18 modules. Moreover, the section has advanced Millo Planners to assist in producing.

For fabrication, the unit has installed latest tools and equipments that aid in optimum production and ensure flawless product quality. The assembly line has facilities for implementing complete functional units and their trial runs. This ensures that zero-defect mechanism works throughout PG at all stages. In addition to this, the assembly section has 37 high capacity EOT cranes with maximum lifting capacity of up to 100 tons in single piece.

Description Make Quantity
Hobbing Machine OF - 6. TOS (Ckz.) 3
Hobbing Machine OF - 10. TOS (Ckz.) 7
Hobbing Machine OF - 16. TOS (Ckz.) 24
Hobbing Machine OF – 25. TOS (Ckz.) 4
Hobbing Machine 5K328 Stenco 5
Hobbing Machine 5342 Stenco 3
Hobbing Machine 5A342 Stenco 9
Hobbing Machine 5A342p Stenco 8
Hobbing Machine 5353 Stenco 2
Hobbing Machine 3150 WMW 4
Gear Shapers Max 2000mm inside Stenco 7
Table Boring Machine (Spindle dia -90MM) Wotan 5
Table Boring Machine (Spindle dia -100MM) Wotan 11
Table Boring Machine (Spindle dia -110MM) Wotan 7
Table Boring Machine (Spindle dia -110MM) Plawat 4
Table Boring Machine (Spindle dia -125/5) WMW 5
Table Boring Machine (W -100a) TOS 7
Floor Boring Machine (Spindle dia -130 mm) Collet 1
Floor Boring Machine (WD 130 A) Tos 4
Floor Boring Machine (Spindle dia – 160 mm) Florip 3
Floor Boring Machine (Spindle dia – 160 mm) WMW 4
Floor Boring Machine (Spindle dia – 200 mm) Skoda 2
Radial Drilling Machine 50 mm – 100 mm Chapel, WMW, Mas 16
Roll Turning & Shaft Turning Machines, Max turning dia: 2000 mm, Max Turning Length: 15000 mm. Skoda, Tos, Stenco  98 
Roll & Shaft Grinding Machines. Tos, Norten, Stenco 5
Plano Mill, Max width: 3500 mm, Max length: 10000 mm, Max Height: 2000 mm Wald itch, Tos, Stenco.  12 
Universal Milling machines Tos, WMW 9
Vertical Turning Laths (VTL), Max Diameter: 4500 mm, Max Height: 2500 mm. Reffamat, ILR, Stenco.  19 
Gear Grinding Machines, Max Dia 1500 mm. Max Module: 18. Hoffler, WMW Niles  4
Plate Bending Rolls, Max thick: 80 mm, Max width: 4000 mm. Boldrani, Femo 5
Bend Saw, Max 1000mm Amada, WMW 4
Mig welders, rectifiers, welding transformers Essab, Advani.. 65
Hydraulic Press 1000 tons pressure Preet 3
Pug, Profile cutting machine Essab, L&T. 23
EOT Cranes, Max Capacity 100 tons WMI, Federal, Preet 37
Mobile Cranes 15 and 50 tons. Demag, Escorts 3
All type of measuring instruments like CMM and Conventional Systmes   Over 350