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Extra heavy duty one-piece construction featuring a high damping coefficient with minimal thermal deformation. The 4 bed design ensures optimum cutting conditions for heavy applications. The slideways, hardened by high frequency induction, offer ideal hardness characteristics. Hand scraped Turcite B ensures static as well as dynamic accuracy between all contact surfaces. Our highly rigid spindle features deformation resistance, powerful turning capability and rugged durability. DKD Ikjot United in-house manufactured extra heavy duty chucks, 800mm (32”) diameter, features rapid clamping and high accuracy. The two-step gearbox offers extraordinarily high torque during low speed machining for superior heavy duty cutting performance. Pre-loaded linear compact roller guides and spaciously dimensioned, pre-loaded ball screw drives 4-guide-way-design to allow passing by the tail stock with the turning saddle – more rigid design carriage guide ways special induction hardened and ground – to avoid any wear for long lifetime, extremely wide tailstock guide ways – chill hardened – to have low pressure per square mm. All structural components of the machine are made of stress-relieved and deformation-free. Contact surfaces are hand scraped to ensure minimum tolerance accumulation.

CNC Heavy Lathes

CNC Roll Lathe for Section Rolling Mill

CNC Roll Lathe

CNC Roll Lathes for Reber Rolling Mills

CNC Roll Turning Lathe