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CNC Vertical Turning Lathe Division VTL

DKD Ikjot United is the one of the biggest CNC Machines Building Company, and is headquartered in New York, USA. It is a subsidiary of PREET and operates in 102 locations across 46 countries. DKD Ikjot United is the one of the largest PREET Enterprise with wide range of machine shop products like CNC Double column VMC, CNC Roll Turning Lathes, CNC Mega Lathes, CNC Notching & Branding Machines, CNC Special Purpose Machines (up to 20 axes) Plano miller, Vertical Turning & Milling machining center in table and gantry design with type names Vertical Master VT, VM, VMT, VMG and VME. We are also active for machine overhauls, assembly and commissioning, service, spare parts, contract measurements and contract manufacturing. This is turning, grinding, dimension measuring in air condition, milling and deep-hole drilling. For all business areas we assure you the quality of the traditional brand DKD IKJOT UNITED  and rely on your trust as our customer. DKD Ikjot United designs    and manufactures   integrated   solutions    for    a    wide    range    of international    customers.  Double Column CNC vertical lathe The machines of this series fall into 2 categories of single column and double column. Using HSS and hard alloy tools in processing ferrous and nonferrous metals. it is best choice for workpiece of cylindrical, conic, arch, threaded and other complicated structure of wind power industry. Vehicle industry is in market for CNC machines in large quantity to meet the need of updating. It is critical to have efficient, stable and durable machines and mature process control. For vehicle industry, we recommend composing production lines for highly integrated production by using our efficient,stable and multi functional machines. Machinery engineering industry has become the leading industry in World after a long and stable development. The grabbing machines,bucketing machines,cranes,building machines,agriculture machinery are widely used in civil building,railway, high way,port,farmland,electric and mining industries. To make these machines,you need DKD Ikjot United  Civil aviation industries use a great deal of helicopters, autogiros, rockets, space shuttles and planet explorers as typical aero craft. Airplane is the closest to our everyday life and mostly used in the air. Civil aviation industry are usually complicated in structure, various in raw material, different in properties and need precise, stable and full function machines. DKD Ikjot United  are graceful in shape, quick response, stable system, precise, higher torque and simultaneous multi axes operation. We also offer on-the-spot inspection design for customers. The parts in this industry is usually of large size. DKD Ikjot United  are designed stronger and with higher torque performance and butting ability. They are more reliable and the gantry/portal machines are designed with longer travel for large size parts like bed seat or frameworks.

CNC Verticle Lathe under Assembly

CNC Verticle Turning Lathe VTL

CNC VTL Assembly Shop

CNC VTL Final Testing and Dispatch Bay at PREET

Double Column CNC VTL

Double Column Heavy Duty VTL

Double Column VTL Assembly Shop

Heavy Duty CNC Verticle Lathe

Heavy Duty VTL Table Base under Machining

Table for 6 Mtr CNC VTL

Table for CNC Double Colulmn VTL 6 Mtrs

Twin Column CNC Verticle Turning Lathe

Twin Column CNC VTL