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Custom Built Gearboxes: Preet’s Gear Division is largest Industrial Gear Manufacturer of innovative gearboxes, its related services and able to satisfy Power transmission needs in various industries. In addition to our wide product range, we offer customised Industrial gearboxes, made to order. With over four decades of market leadership, one of our major strengths is the ability to customise an existing standard product into a new design to meet customer’s particular specifications and reverse engineering. When requirements are of challenging nature, our highly trained engineering team strives to develop an optimised, tailor-made product to a specific application in close co-operation with the customer to suit their needs. Our experienced and qualified engineers secure that the product fulfils the requirements of even the most challenging and demanding applications. Successes and experience gathered from numerous deliveries to the process industry help us to assure the highest available trouble-free operation of gearboxes from standard catalogue range to tailor-made options. We are geared for managing new challenges with the most sophisticated technology, ultra-modern amenities and most potential skilled labour to cater to your engineering industry needs. 


REFURBISH GEAR BOXES: Preet undertakes refurbishment of any make, size and capacity of Industrial Gearboxes and Wind-mill Gearboxes with sophisticated infrastructure and through high precision equipment. with the commitment to deliver the highest quality of refurbished Gearboxes by recognizing root cause that prevents downtime of machines and any other criticalities, hence enhancing the Gearbox life span.


GEARBOX REPAIR: Preet provide onsite repair services and assistance by evaluating all leading Gearbox’s health through endoscopic, effective and efficient monitoring systems. 


ABOUT PREET Gears and Gear Boxes division SERVICES AT CENTERS: Walk in with your ailing gearbox and walk away with completely refurbished gearbox | Refurbished to near original (with latest advancements) for desired gearbox performance | Each and every component of your gearbox is scanned under our state of the art testing facilities for materials, tooth geometry/profile, etc. | Thorough analysis of failures with comprehensive and appropriate solutions by our experienced team of Design, Manufacturing, Quality and Service engineers | The most effective way of restoring the health of your Gear drives | Gearbox Re-engineering and development for any applications


ON-SITE SERVICE SUPPORT: Pre- inspection at site of existing drives | Assessment and preparation of pre-inspection report | Collection of operating data for analysis | Availability of spares and requirements.

ABOUT PREET Gears and Gear Boxes SERVICE & SUPPORT – MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT: Services – Driven by Customer Needs | Preet Gear and Gear Box  Division Engineering offers service and support for bulk material handling equipment for industries in Mining | Cement | Power Generation | Fertilizer & Ports. 

ABOUT PREET Gears and Gear Boxes division SUPPORT INFRASTRUCTURE & ENGINEERS: Preet  Machines Limited is the one of the biggest Rolling mill Building Company and is headquartered in New Delhi (INDIA). It is a subsidiary of PREET and operates in 102 locations across 46 countries. A network of trained and experienced service engineers are available for proactive support. Fully supported with engineering expertise from Preet offices. A dedicated Customer Care manufacturing facility catering to spares for material handling solutions for closer engineering support and better delivery timelines.





• Break Down / Field Services: Engineers on call | Rapid manufacture of critical parts to achieve minimum downtime | Maintenance Training | Start-up and Commissioning Assistance

• Spares Supply: Original / OEM parts Supply | Manufacture OEM spares through reverse engineering | Replacement of major parts and overhauling of equipment on flat cost basis

• Services for Existing or Used Equipment: Design Modifications | Relocate / Refurbish Equipment | Equipment Modernization | Capacity Enhancements

• Maintenance Contracts: Preet takes Annual Maintenance Contract | Need based Service Contract | Custom Maintenance Contract




CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: PREET – Gear Division has achieved ISO 9001 in November 1994 for quality management system. Achieved IMS ISO 9001:2015. It means our customers have complete assurance that PREET operates to the highest quality standards and that all regulatory requirements are met for our products and services while we continually strive to maintain and improve these standards that set us apart. Customer satisfaction has always been a fundamental part of our business but implementing IMS (Integrated Management System) standards ensures we identify all present customer needs and identify and assess future requirements.  It also helps us to measure client satisfaction and enables us to continually improve our processes. An Integrated Management System can benefit our organization through increased efficiency and effectiveness, and cost reductions while minimizing the disruption caused by several external audits. It also shows our commitment to increased performance, employee and customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement. Preet Has A Successful History In The Design And Manufacture Of A Wide Range Of Worm | Parallel Shaft | Helical & Spiral Bevel Helical Gears With Horizontal & Vertical Output Shafts In Various Sizes. Preet’s Helical Gear Boxes, Especially, Have Won The Approval Of Industrial Plants All Over Globe. They Are Compact And Light, Thereby Saving Space, Reducing Foundation Structure Costs And Lubricating Oil Consumption. Preet Gear Boxes Are Specially Designed To Operate At Optimum Efficiency Wherever They Have Been Installed – Whether In Power Stations, For Material Handling Systems In Coal & Lignite Mines | Cement Plants | Steel Rolling Mills | Fertilizer Plants | Sugar Plants | Chemical Plants | Plastic Industries | Textile Industry | Ports. Preet Has Unmatched Expertise In Providing Custom- Made Gearboxes For Steel Rolling Mills | High Speed Turbine | Sugar Mills | Marine Applications | Plastic Extrusions | Cement Mills | Rubber Mills | Hydro Turbine | Windmill Gearboxes. Ample Proof Of Preet’s Unsurpassed Range Is Evidenced In Their Specialized Gear Boxes For Cooling Towers In Power Plants, Telecommand Antenna Drives And Satellites For The Indian Space Programme, Naval Vessels As Well As A Variety Of Gear Drive Units For Steel Plant Applications. Today, Preet’s Expertise In Providing Custom Gear Boxes Has Become An Integral Facet Of Its Value Added Customer Service.

Bevel Helical Gear Boxes for Wire Rod Rolling Mills

Big Gears for Steel Plants

Bull Gears for Iron Making Plants DRI

Custom Built Bevel Gears and Gear Boxes

Custom Built Gear Boxes for Steel Plants

Custom Built Gears for Steel Plant

Double Helical Gears for Rolling Mills

Garth Gears for Steel Making Plant

Gear Boxes for Cold Rolling Mills

Gear Boxes for Wire Rod Rolling Mills

Gears for DRI Plants Steel Plants

Gears for Hot Rolling Mills

Gears for Steel Plants

Gears for Wire Rod Block Mills

Gears for Wire Rod Rolling Mills

Grounded Gears for Steel Industry

Helical Gear Boxes for Bar and Wire Rod Rolling Mills

Helical Gears for Hot Strip Mills

Profile Ground Gear Boxes for Rebar Rolling Mills

Profile Ground Gears for Cold Rolling Mill

Spare Gears for Hot Rolling Mills

Spares for EOT Cranes​

Special Gear Boxes for Hot Strip Mills

Special Gear Boxes for Rolling Mills

Special Gears