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DKD Ikjot United CNC roll lathes are with hardened & ground guide way ensure the high accuracy. Rectangular heavy bed & saddle with Turcite-B guarantee long lasting accuracy. Independent big electrical box with nice cooling guarantees the work well in Southeast Asia. High rigid precision ball screws ensure the transmission for precision positioning and automatic operation. CNC system performs 4 axes control and 3 axes simultaneous movement. Freely cut crescent notches in any rotation direction and lead angle. Automatically engrave logo, symbols and specification codes in any position. Easy operation & programming come true by our special R&D software for this machine. Manufacturing rebar requires the milling of notches into the grooves of rolls and roll rings. A special focus is put on the combination of highest quality results and shortest machining times. Notch milling machines by DKD Ikjot United  are the perfect solution for this application. They are characterized by a machine concept which guarantees extreme stiffness. That ensures high productivity even with very hard materials. Notch milling machines made by DKD Ikjot United  have been an integral part of many roll shops around the world for many decades. In addition to the specialized notch milling machine, DKD Ikjot United  also offers lathes and groove grinders equipped with a notch milling unit. Modular machine concepts with an integrated notch milling device allow for high flexibility in the complete machining of rolls and roll rings in a single set-up. Complete solution for Notching and marking steelwork rollers. Machines with maximum robustness and reliability. Modular Notching machines which can include measuring & marking. This versatility can optimise investment and save space at the workshop. Multifunction machine: corrugation milling module, marking system, measuring and centring module, bevelling function, standard soft corrugation cycles and option of customer specifications, and, if required, integration of complete roller lathing. Complex operations in a single setup. Easy machine handling soft interface, with automatic Notching and marking cycles. Includes the option of machining on tungsten carbide rings. Machine with maximum rigidity and excellent damping, even when it does not include lathing operations. Maximum precision and simplicity of use. Reduced preparation time thanks to the unique support bearing design built into the milling chuck. Robust milling head for different spindle diameters. Marking module with direct tools on special motor. Automatic withdrawal. Retractable measurement module, based on MARPOSS element, for on-site measurement and operational referencing. Ideal operational ergonomics and maximum safety. Software customizable to the customer’s needs. Popular across the emerging markets, DKD Ikjot United Rib cutting and name marking machines are ideal for fast growing steel companies aiming for higher productivity without compromising on the world-class ‘quality’. The solutions combine the rib cutting and name marking operation in a single machine and provide an unmatched competitive edge to the steel roll shops. Ideal for carbide rolls, the machines come with standard name marking device to perform dual operations. In addition to the features and advantages 4 axes CNC machine | 3 Axis simultaneous movement of CNC control system | User friendly software | Sturdy and rigid machine construction | Easy to operate CNC system | Better productivity and reduced operational expenditure | Improved pass life and avoids distortion of roll material and its properties | Enables faster change of branding with use of software Design Data: Many kinds of roll materials can be notched and marked easily, such as high Ni-Cr casing iron roll, H.S. steel roll and tungsten carbide roll ring. The main spindle body is made in cast iron, heat treated for stress relieving and artificial aging. This axis is driven by one A.C. synchronous motor in line with the spindle (without transmission) to avoid any backlash. Steel body Chuck: Dia. 500 mm, 11” ASA nose, complete with 4 independent Jaws. Only about 10 minutes requires notching for roll specification of dia 340mm in dia 340mm high Ni-Cr casting iron roll. CNC Control: CNC controller guaranteed quality, reliable long life quality and worldwide technical support at your area.

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