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Preet Group shop floors production of core components and pre-assembly in our own workshops to ensure top final product quality. Our plants produce special products as well as custom Built solutions for individual markets. All of our customers & partners benefit from our that gives you fast, hassle free service wherever you are. We remain focused on our role as a global technology leader shaping the future with design and manufacturing excellence. Optimized work flow processes and efficient production solutions ensure shorter lead times so you get top quality, reliable, and high-performance products. All engineering and production activities are carried out under one roof, shop covers a total of 350,000 Sq Meters and the most modern machine shop | CNC Heavy Turning lathes: swing diameter up to 2,000 mm, turning length up to 10,000 mm | CNC Vertical turning machines (VTL): swing diameter max. 4,500 mm, turning height max. 2,500 mm, with grinding, milling and drilling equipment | CNC turning & milling center: swing diameter max. 800 mm, turning length max. 3,00 mm | CNC horizontal boring mills: working area x = 10,000 mm, y = 5,000 mm with rotary clamping device and angled milling heads for machining in all axis directions; rotary table with dimensions 3,000 x 3,000 mm | CNC portal milling machines: portal opening width 6,000 mm, portal opening height 3,000 mm, milling length 12,000 mm with angled milling heads in all axis directions | Crane capacity: 150 t | CNC grinding machines. All design and manufacturing activities under one roof , A stand-out feature of our plant locations is the direct interaction between engineering and manufacturing teams. This naturally facilitates a continuous exchange of ideas between these departments for ongoing optimization of our products.  Key to meeting customer requirements is the skill of our strong team. Components for metallurgical plants must withstand extreme static and dynamic stresses. That’s why we at Preet uses a wide range of conventional and automated welding systems to ensure optimal welded joins. All our manufacturing facilities are equipped with latest-generation machine tools tailored to the specific requirements of heavy plant construction. Equally important, our equipment is CNC controlled. It’s standard procedure for us to write the machining programs offline using a 3D-CAM system. All our gear parts feature high surface quality, especially on the toothing. To meet the exacting demands of these special products, we set up a dedicated production area includes complete machining centres for tooth milling and grinding, plus quality assurance and assembly zones. A standalone measuring machine inspects the gearing and can handle gearwheels weighing up to 15 t with diameters of as much as 1,500 mm. Depending on the order, our teams pre-assemble or fully assemble products in several dedicated shops. Also included in the assembly workshop program are functional tests and trial runs performed on our own test rigs. Next there is our pipeline field where you benefit from precise CNC bending, welding, and laying of various tube and pipe materials. Furthermore, we carry out surface treatment of components, i.e. painting and preservation, as well as preparation for shipment.

80 Ton Job Under Machining at PREET

CNC Assembly Shop at PREET

CNC Floor Boring Machine at PREET

CNC Floor Boring Machines at PREET

CNC Gear Grinding Machine at PREET

CNC Gear Hobbing Machine at PREET

CNC Horizontal Floor Boring Machine at PREET

CNC Internal Gear Grinders at PREET

CNC Lead and Profile Testers at PREET

Cold Rolling Mill Stand Assembly

Custom Jobs at PREET

Equipment Machining at PREET

Final Assembly of Stand for Hot Strip Mill

Gear Assembly at PREET

Gear Facility at PREET

Gear Shop at PREET

Gear Shop in PREET

Gear Testing Facility at PREET

Gear Testing Facility at PREET

Heavy Assembly Shop at PREET

Heavy CNC Lathes

Heavy Fabrication Shop at PREET

Heavy Job Machining at PREET

Heavy Machine Shop at PREET

Heavy Machining at PREET

Heavy Machining on VMC at PREET

Housing Assembly for Cold Rolling Mill

Housing for Hot Strip Mill under Machining at PREET

Machining Facility at PREET

Open Raw Material Stock yard at PREET

Pinion Gears for Rolling Mill

Raw Material Stock Yard at PREET

Shear Body Under Machining

Stand Assembly for Cold Rolling Mills

Stand Assembly for Hot Strip Mill

Tool Preparation Area at PREET

Verticle Machining Centre under Assembly at PREET

VTL Facility at PREET