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Preet Machines Limited | Flat Product Division | Cold Strip Rolling Mills. Our experienced team of engineers and design has offered modern solutions that perfectly match the demands of the market. Plant layout, design, and manufacture go hand-in-hand. Our success factors is the close intermeshing of development, design, and manufacture. All departments are under a single roof at the Preet Growth Shop site, so that continuous exchange is a matter of course. This kind of cooperation using the shortest possible routes guarantees the continuous holistic improvement of our products. What also counts is close contact with customers throughout the entire life cycle of their plant. All plants and components are designed individually by Preet Machines Limited | Flat Product Division | Hot Strip Rolling Mills to meet the specific operational needs. Cold Rolling: Rolling is a process which reduces the thickness of a metal strip through crushing. The material passes through 2 rotating rollers, which apply a compression force to the material. The compression ratio is known as the work hardening rate. Rolling: Reduces the thickness, Increases the hardness and mechanical strength of the material, Improves or deteriorates the surface condition, surface roughness, During rolling, the strip width is practically unaffected, The material’s grains extend parallel to the direction of rolling. Our Wide Products Range covers: Cold Reversing Mills for Steel | Cold Tandem Mills for Steel | Hot and Cold Skin-pass/Temper Mills for Steel | Hot Rolling Lines for Aluminium (single-stand or multi-stand type) | Cold Rolling Mills for Aluminium (reversing or non-reversing type) | Foil Mills for Aluminium (down to 6 micron thickness) | Milling Lines (Scalping) for Copper Alloy strips | Hot Rolling Lines for Copper Alloys | Cold Rolling Mills for Copper Alloys (roughing and finishing type) | Modifications and/or Revamping of existing Rolling plants | Auxiliaries for Hot and Cold Rolling Lines | Full Integrated Process and Advanced Automation Systems.

Stand Assembly for Cold Rolling Mills

Stand for Cold Rolling Mills

Stand Under Assembly for Cold Rolling Mill

Stand Under Assembly for Cold Rolling Mills

Twin Stand Cold Rolling Mills​

4Hi Cold Rolling Mill

Cardan Shafts for Cold Rolling MIlls

Chock Assembly for Cold Rolling Mills

Chocks for Cold Rolling Mill

Chocks for Cold Rolling Mills

Cold Rolling Mills

Custom Build Rolling Mills for Special Application

Housing under Machining for Cold Rolling Mills

Tandem Drive Motors for Cold Rolling Mills