Preet Machines Limited has been serving steel industry for last four decades, Preet Machines Limited is known for its versatile manufacturing capabilities mainly and has four verticals Hot Rolling Mill | Long Product Rolling Mills | Flat Products Rolling Mill Division. This makes Preet Machines a front-runner company involved in manufacturing  high performance and reliable Hot Rolling Mills for Long and Flat Products. We also offer Individual Rolling Mill equipment’s & Components for Hot Rolling Mill Plants. Preet Machines Limited conducts technical feasibility studies for modernization of existing Hot Rolling Mill Plants as well as installation of individual components for Re-Bar Rolling Mill, TMT Bar Mill, Wire Rod Block Rolling Mill, Section Rolling Mill and Alloy Steel Rolling Mill. Cold Rolling and Skin Pass Mill for Ferrous & Non- Ferrous | DCR Mills | Hot and cold rolled coil slitting Lines | Hot and cold rolled coil cut to length lines | Continues Galvanizing Lines wet flux/ NON-OX | Continues Galvanizing Lines | Colour Coating Lines | Semi continues/ Push Pull Pickling Lines | High speed trimming-cum-Rewinding Lines | Tension levelling lines | Annealing &Pickling lines for S.S. | Electrolytic Cleaning line | Terminal equipment’s for various lines as per customers design/drawings Furnace NON-OX | Cold Rolling Mills And Skin Pass Mill For Ferrous & Non-Ferrous | Galvanizing Lines |Cgl)  ( Furnace Type & Wet Flux Type) | Colour Coating Lines (Ccl) | Electrolytic Cleaning Line | Tension Levelling Lines (Tll) | Bright Annealing (Ba) Line For Stainless Steel | Annealing & Pickling Lines For S.S. | H & T Line | Hot Rolled Coils Slitting Lines | Cold Rolled Coil Slitting Lines | Cut To Length Hr, Cr And End Lap Ctl | Semi Continuous Pickling Lines / Push Pull Pickling Lines | Corrugating Machines | High Speed Trimming-Cum-Rewinding Line | Oil Film Bearings | Service Solutions For Rolling Mills And Process Lines | Modernization Of Plate Rolling Mills | Flexible High-Performance Plants For Hot Strip Mills | Complete Solutions For Electrics And Automation (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 With Preet-Ptsw) | High-Performance Hot Strip Rolling Mills | Reversing Cold Mills | Compact Cold Mills | Multiroll Mill Stands For Stainless-Steel Strip | Skin-Pass Mills For A Perfect Finish | Hydraulic Systems | Continuous Casting Machines &  Rolling Mill Equipment for Flat Products and Pipe Mill. Our products are entirely manufactured, assembled and tested in our top-class shop, and delivered worldwide. During planning, design, construction, assembly and putting into operation of our plants, our know-how guarantees high equipment availability and operating safety. Our product range includes: Casting Machines | Hot Strip Mill equipment | Plate and Steckel Mill equipment | Plate and Strip Levellers | Down coilers | Plate Shears (Rocking Type and Guillotine Type) | Rotary Crop Shears | Rotary Edge Trimming Shears | Skin-Pass Mill | 3Z High Mill.

Chemical Dryer for Cold Rolled Coils

Coater for Cold Rolled Coils

Cold Roll Slitting Lines

Cold Rolling Mills

Cold Rolling Mills

Cooling after Galvalume UP Pass Cold Rolled Coils

Cut to Length Lines for Cold Rolled Coils

Degreasing Section for Cold Rolled Coils

Double Entry Section for Cold Roll Coils

Entry Section for Cold Rolled Coil

Entry Section for Cold Rolled Coils

Entry Section Sinter Line for Cold Rolled Coil

Exit Section Sinter Line for Cold Rolled Coil

Exits Section for Cold Rolled Coils

Galvalume POT for Cold Rolled Coils

Hr Slitter Exit Section for Hot Rolled Coil

HR Slitter Overview for Cold Rolled Coils

Process Section for Cold Rolled Coil

Process Section for Cold Rolled Coils

Slitter Head for Cold Rolled Coils

Strip Processing Line for Cold Rolled Coils

Tension Leveller for Cold Rolled Coils