Preet Machines Limited | Light Section Rolling Mill Up-To 400,000 T/Year | A Preet Enterprises

PREET Section Rolling Mills for Structural Sections: Channels, Angles, Large Flats, Special Sections. Including HousingLess Stands the mill is focused for very high production. PREET can study and suggest optimum plant layout based on market demand & cost effective. Section Mill is comprising of: Special type Cooling Bed for section, Hot Cutting Saw, Straightening Machine, Finishing and Packing Line. A continuous section rolling mill with high flexibility and the capacity to roll beams, angles, channels and flats of small and medium size. A mill of this kind can have a capacity up to 400,000 TPA of sections with a product. The mill mainly consists of: Reheating furnace, Roughing mill with horizontal-vertical HousingLess stands or 2Hi Break down Mill, Intermediate/finishing mill with horizontal, convertible and universal stands with quick roll changing robots, roller way with lifting aprons Cooling bed, Straightener, Layer transfer facilities, Finishing facilities with saws, stacker and strapping machines.

Cooling Bed for Light Section Rolling Mill

Cooling bed for section rolling mill

Finish product handling area for light section mills

Finish Product handling area

Finishing Line for Small Section Rolling Mills

Flying Shear for Section Rolling Mills

Light Section Rolling Mill