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Preet  Machines Limited | Flat Products Hot Rolling Mill Division has successfully designed, built and executed small, medium and mega size Hot Rolling Mills projects like: Narrow Strip Rolling Mills Capacity: 300,000 – 1,400,000 T / Year | Hot Strip Rolling Mills Capacity: 500,000 – 3,000,000 T | Plate Rolling Mills Capacity: 500,000 – 3,000,000 T | Continuous Strip Rolling Mills Capacity: 500,000 – 3,000,000 T | Wide Strip Rolling Mills Capacity: 500,000 – 3,000,000 T | Wide Plate Rolling Mills On Turnkey Bases (EPC). Latest technology and high productivity of our plants: guided by these concepts, we supply a complete scope of any green-field rolling mill for rolling hot flats products, as well as upgrading of existing plants. From the initial concept of the plant to commissioning and start-up. The Technical department, equipped with latest software’s for design and rolling process development, managed by experienced engineers, design machines and full plants according to customer requirements. Roll pass design department and process engineers fully support the design engineers to improve the machines and mill’s performances, through continuous know-how transfer. Preet Machines Limited | Flat Product Division | Hot Strip Rolling Mills. Our experienced team of engineers and design has offered modern solutions that perfectly match the demands of the market. Plant layout, design, and manufacture go hand-in-hand. Our success factors is the close intermeshing of development, design, and manufacture. All departments are under a single roof at the Preet Growth Shop site, so that continuous exchange is a matter of course. This kind of cooperation using the shortest possible routes guarantees the continuous holistic improvement of our products. What also counts is close contact with customers throughout the entire life cycle of their plant. All plants and components are designed individually by Preet Machines Limited | Flat Product Division | Hot Strip Rolling Mills to meet the specific operational needs. To determine the process requirements, we apply methods, analyses or dynamic simulations such as those for deformation behaviour. Moreover, for design work, we use state-of-the-art 3D CAD systems. The core components of our hot strip mills, such as bending and shifting systems, hydraulic roll-gap adjustment systems, coiler mandrel valve stands or drive engineering, are manufactured by us in our 310,000 m2 workshop in Preet Growth Shop equipped with the most up-to-date machines. The range of manufacturing in our workshop extends from the production of high-quality welded structures, to machining operations with a powerful machine tools for innovative production processes, to the assembly and installation of heavy machinery. We install all mill stands, coilers and pipework to the customer’s requirements and carry out function tests and trial runs on special test facilities. This is how we achieve a high degree of efficiency and a long service life for these components – which are crucial to the product quality and the profitability of the plants. Preet Machines Limited | Flat Product Division | Hot Strip Rolling Mills Design & offers Main components Like: Walking beam furnaces | High-pressure water descaler | Edger with 4-high reversing roughing stand | Heat retention hoods between R1 and finishing mill | Coilbox | Drum Type Shear | Crank-type crop shear | High-pressure water descaler | Roller Tables with side guides Run out roller table | laminar cooling | Universal down coilers. Preet Machines Limited | Flat Product Division | Hot Strip Rolling Mills design all the greenfield projects for Better process stability and higher yield. Our roughing mill stands are designed to produce straight and camber free transfer bars. That reduces rolling difficulties and cobble risks during finish rolling. Close geometrical strip tolerances, Our finishing mill stands are equipped for strip profile, contour, and flatness control.

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Hot Strip Rolling Mills

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