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Preet Machines Limited | Flat Product Division | Narrow Hot Strip Rolling Mills has designed, manufactured and successfully delivered Semi Continuous narrow Hot Strip Mill. Semi Continuous Hot Strip Mill which incorporates the latest proven technology and know-how available in the steel industry. Our experienced team of engineers and design has offered modern solutions that perfectly match the demands of the market. The specifications are mainly based on the capacity requirement. However, careful analysis of the production strategies as well current technology innovations and future trends in the steel industry are also equally considered. Additionally, local factors and constraints also played important role in the design of the plant and selection of the equipment. The design of the plant is flexible and has been studied to ensure: Easy handling | High productivity | High quality of final products | Low specific consumption | Simple maintenance. On the basis of this and with a low initial investment joint to reduce transformation cost, it’s possible to have a short time lag between investment and payback. Preet can also support with the following Optional Services on a special request of the buyer, commercial offer of these services can be submitted after freezing the scope: Master Layout Engineering Services. Civil Engineering Services. Structural and Building Engineering Services. Utility Engineering Services. Site Erection Supervision/ Implementation Services. Plant Commissioning Supervision/ Implementation Services. The demand for hot rolled strip is growing in multiple ways. To remain competitive, new and existing mills must meet this challenge in the best possible way. The production of hot strip is a key element of steel production. Since close to half of all steel produced is hot-rolled to strip, mills require maximum throughput and availability combined with geometrical precision and the ability to create optimum material properties. High-performance hot strip mills are designed for an annual capacity of up to 1,500,000 tons. They are usually equipped with two reversing roughing stands, seven finishing stands and two coilers Main Highlight of the project: Descaler for surface quality | Slab sizing press for flexible adjustment of slab width | Compact layout of the hot strip mill | Crop shear with cut optimization for low cropping losses Finishing stands in compact and maintenance- friendly design | Work roll quick-change system | Oil bearings for mounting the backup rolls | Gear unit with case-hardened bullgears and pinions | spindles for safe transmission of extremely high torques | Roll gap lubrication for reduction of roll force and roll torque | Looper technology for safe strip tracking behavior Strip cooling with cooling concepts structured one above the other to achieve economic production of all steel grades Preet supplies the mills as integrated units with coordinated systems comprising mechanical equipment, electrical & automation systems, and process knowhow. The integrated solutions are based on the extensive knowledge of our engineers in relation to the options of plant engineering, detailed process engineering knowhow and our expertise in the design and manufacture of core components in our own workshops in India. All of our customers have major benefits from our plants, robust engineering with a secure future for manufacturing modern steel grades in top-class product quality within extremely close geometrical and metallurgical tolerances plus high yield and availability. High profitability thanks to Eco-plants components fitted out to reduce energy use and ensure high process stability

2Hi Roughing Mill for Narrow Strip Mills

4Hi Rolling Mill Stand for Narrow Strip Mills

4Hi Stand for Cold Rolling Mill

4hi Stand for Narrow Strip Mill

Backup Roll Assembly for Narrow Strip Mills

Coils from Narrow Strip Mill

Drum Shear with Tandem Rolling Mill from Narrow Strip Mills

Hot Rolled Coils from Narrow Hot Strip Rolling Mills

Hot Strip Mills

Hot Strip Rolling Mills

Housings for Hot Strip Mills

Narrow Strip Mills

Rolls for Narrow Strip Mills

Roughing Stand for Narrow Strip Mills

Stand Assembly for Hot Strip Mills

Stand for Narrow Strip Mill