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Technical Development

Today production capacity of small diameter rebar and rod is occupying near half of total production capacity of the world. The main target of great promotion of productivity and efficiency for small rebar and rod, balancing productivity difference between small and bigger diameter of rebar and rod, is always pursued by all the rolling mill plants all over the world. The slitting technology is popularly introduced into rebar & rod rolling mill plants. Compared with single strand rolling process, the most highlight is of reduction of rolling pass, promotion of productivity of small size of rebar and rod. Normally the top rolling speed can reach 18m/s, applicable to 2 or 3 slitting process. When multiple slitting, more rebar shall be dropped into a same rake of straightening grid and rake beam. In this way, the operation of rebar aligning and subsequent rebar transferring onto run-out roller table shall be unstable, intertwined sometimes, which shall lower productivity and cooling effectiveness of cooling bed.


Advantage of High Speed Finishing Rolling and High Speed Delivery System of Bar cum Rod

Combination of High speed bar rolling mills and high speed bar delivery system (twin channel or rotary drum type): The bar coming from high speed finishing mill stand (heavy duty, cantilever type) shall be multi-cut by rotary flying shear, braked by a couple of pinch rolls, interval-deviated, transported into double channel above cooling bed, then dropping onto groove of straightening grid. The advantage is Promotion of productivity of small size bar as well as bar size accuracy, uniform quality along whole length of bar | The top speed of bar mill line can be promoted to 38-40m/s, which means hourly productivity of rolling diameter 12mm bar will reach 103mt/hr. The distance from multiple shear to entry of cooling bed shall be less than 30m, meanwhile there has to spare 75m distance at same position when conventional apron roller table is adopted under top rolling speed: 18m/s, which means a lot of workshop occupation shall be saved.

Brief Demonstration of 40m/s top speed delivery system of bar


The bar coming from the last stand with top speed: 40m/s, is running through rotary dividing shear, cutting into specified multiple length of 81m, 84m, 96m, or 108m subject to process and length of cooling bed. The multiple length bar will be deviated, transported into twin channel of high speed bar delivery system. A couple of braking pinch rolls are arranged at entry of twin channel (C-shaped channel or rotary drum) so that high speed bar can be decelerated, stopped in twin channel.

Cooling Bed for High Speed for Rebar Rolling Mills

Hi Speed Delivery System for Rebar Rolling Mills Cooling Beds