Preet Machines Limited | Rebar Minimill Rolling Mills Capacity up-to 200,000 T/Year) with hot charging technology direct from CCM | A Preet Enterprises

PREET Mini mills has been continuously setting PREET Mini mills Rolling Mill standards since Four Decades. PREET Mini mills Rolling Mill is the right answer for small and medium Production Capacity. Simple layout, reliable and easy handling equipment give good results in production with smooth operation since from the day of start-up. Following the last updated technology PREET has developed Mill Continuous Rolling Technology (MCRT) where continuous casting and rolling mill are connected in line for energy saving. The higher casting speed allow the billets to be feed directly into the rolling mill with uniform core and surface temperature. The intermediate inductive heat recover the temperature on the billet and adjusts it for rolling. Due to MCRT process CO2 emissions are cut and operating costs reduced.


The Benefits Of PREET Mini mills | Rebar Mini mill Rolling Mills:

Excellent Quality of finish products, High productivity, Reliable Technology, and modern automation system (Operator Friendly), which gives easy handling and maintenance. PREET Baby-Rolling Mill can grant low starting investment with reduced operating cost. For capacity up-to 200,000 t/year PREET Mini mills Rolling Mill is the most optimum solution for high productivity.

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Rebar Rolling Mill

Rebar Rolling Mills

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