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Designing & Developing All Types Of Hot Rolling Mill Stands Like Cantilever Stands Horizontal & Vertical HousingLess Rolling Mill Stands & Universal HousingLess Rolling Stands. The HousingLess design, in short HLS, are the backbone of modern rolling mills. The HLS design allows the use of the HLS stand cartridges in all the possible configurations like horizontal, vertical, convertible and universal. HousingLess concept is suitable for roughing mills, intermediate mils and finishing mills for Rebar rolling mills, Bar rolling mills, Wire rod rolling mills, Section rolling mills. Mill stand sizes are varied in accordance with the required dimensions of rolls and necks, the size & shape of rolling pass, the groove design as well as the transmission and drive characteristics. Preet design department models all load data to determine all the process variables and select the correct stand size. The HousingLess stands operate in Bar mills, Wire rod mills, Section mills and Combined plants. The main features of the HousingLess design is Conservative component sizing criteria and general philosophy in order to achieve rigidity and compactness of each unit, Low roll deflection modulus, Long life multi-roller bearings with chocks self-alignment under load, Balancing of backlash between chocks, Rest bars designed to allow easy and fine adjustment of guide boxes. These are the major benefits during operation of Finished product matching required tolerance on geometry and size, stricter weight control, Time saving during stand changing with off-line roll changing, Flexibility of operation, same stand unit used in horizontal, vertical, convertible and universal configurations, minimization of spare parts inventory, Highly reduced maintenance time and costs, due to a reduced number of components and easy access, Automated gap adjustment, Integration in fully automatic control for Rebar rolling mills, Bar rolling mills, Wire rod rolling mills, Section rolling mills. The Stand Quick Roll Changing Robots System for Rebar rolling mills, Bar rolling mills, Wire rod rolling mills, Section rolling mills. In order to reduce changing times, the intermediate and finishing stands are usually equipped with
 a quick roll change transfer table. Stands for the next rolling cycle are positioned via the plant crane on a transfer table. Stands to be sent to maintenance are pushed off-line by hydraulic cylinders on the table alongside the new stands. A single shift of the transfer table positions the new stands in front of the mill before they are pulled in-line hydraulically. Customers feedback is changing times of approx. 20 minutes using this system for rebar rolling mills, bar rolling mills, wire rod rolling mills, section rolling mills. The Universal HousingLess Stand for Section rolling mills. The key benefit of rolling sections in universal stands is that the entire section is simultaneously and harmoniously shaped. The symmetrical arrangement and the separate adjustment of horizontal and vertical rolls allows stresses in the section to be reduced and improved tolerances to be achieved. The design of the stand is based on the proven HousingLess series with a sturdy vertical roll being added for universal operation. The configuration ensures quick program changes. This solution allows high rigidity combined with extreme flexibility, as the modular design allows the stands to be prepared either in a 2-high configuration or in a universal configuration.

Cantilever Stand for Rolling Mill

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Cantilever Stands for Rolling Mills

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Housingless Rolling Mill Stands

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